Elliott's Run is set on 50 acres of prime grazing land, so don't be surprised to see cattle around. (Don't worry, they're not too close to the house!).

Walking across the property, there are panoramic 360 degree views from the top of the hill. You can see across the hills to Tolmie in the north, across Mansfield to The Paps (near Bonnie Doon), and over the Delatite River valley towards Lake Eildon. Mt Buller and Timbertop are just out of view behind the rise to the south-east.

You are free to roam the property; just be sure to leave the gates as you find them (close them if you found them closed, or leave them open if that is how they were!).

Facing west, the main living room and kitchen provide stunning views of the sunsets.

Sitting out on the verandah that sweeps right around the house, there are views in every direction.


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